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Kubota Super Mini Series

Kubota’s engineers work hard to create compact, fuel efficient, and clean exhaust engines.The Super Mini Series is a family of 2-, 3-cylinder , indirect injection liquid-cooled diesel engines with emission levels far below the set standard according to California Air Resource Board (CARB) Utility, Lawn and Garden Equipment (ULGE) regulations. The Super Mini Series represent Kubota’s commitment to work towards a more harmonious way to coexist with nature.

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  • More Information

    • Cleaner Emissions – Compared to conventional Indirect Injection and Direct Injection engines in the same class, Kubota’s Super MINI Series has attained cleaner exhaust thanks to E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System–Kubota’s highly efficient combustion system produces an ideal air/fuel mixture by creating 3 vortexes in the combustion chamber. This results in better cross flow of air and exhaust gases, lower air intake temperature, and improved combustion efficiency.) All engines in this series will meet CARB ULGE regulations.
    • Low Noise – Noise levels during load and no-load operations are kept to a minimum with Kubota’s renowned low-noise diesel engine technology and E-TVCS.
    • Large Capacity, High Speed Flyweight Governor – Instead of the conventional ball type governor, a large capacity, high speed flyweight governor is used. This ensures stable operation at a low revolution speed, and assures a high torque rise, and Steady State Governor Regulation.
    • Quick Start Ups – “Quick Glow” system comes as standard equipment to shorten preheating time and quicken engine start up in cold temperature.
    • Highly Reliable Engine – Based on Kubota’s original sturdy design, the engine promises great reliability and long service life with advantages to meet most any application.
    • Asbestos Free Design – In addition to the excellent features such as clean exhaust and low noise, we have also designed them against asbestos pollution.
    • Accessories / Options -A full range of accessories / options are available to meet customer’s requirements.
  • Specifications

    Vertical, 4-cycle liquid-cooled diesel
    Number of Cylinders
    Bore x Stroke in.(mm)
    2.64 x 2.68 (67 x 68)
    2.64 x 2.68 (67 x 68)
    2.83 x 2.90 (72 x 73.6)
    2.83 x 2.90 (72 x 73.6)
    Total Displacement
    29.23 (479)
    Combustion System
    Spherical (E-TVCS)
    SAE Net Intermittent HP HP/rpm
    12.5 / 3600
    18.8 / 3600
    SAE Net Continuous HP HP/rpm
    10.8 / 3600
    16.3 / 3600
    No Load High Idling Speed rpm
    No Load Low Idling Speed rpm
    Centrifugal flyweight mechanical type governor
    Direction of Rotation
    Counterclockwise from flywheel side
    Starter V x kW
    12 x 0.8
    12 x 0.8
    12 x 1.0
    12 x 1.2
    Alternator V x W
    12 x 150
    12 x 150
    12 x 40
    12 x 40
    Diesel fuel No. 2-D (ASTM D975)
    Dry Weight with rear-end plate lbs.(kg)
    117 (53)
    139 (63)
    Dry Weight with SAE flywheel housing lbs.(kg)
    179 (81)
    201 (91)
    Specifications       PDF (941 KB) PDF (954 KB)

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